The Year was 2020…

The Year was 2020,

Happenings were aplenty.

Hospitals full & streets were empty

The year was 2020…

Pic Credit : Canva

When vast forests were burned

We were clearly not concerned.

So the universe made a plan,

Our life had to be overturned

Pic Credit : Times of India

Then nature locked us in,

As an atonement to our sin.

She had us by the horn,

In a fight we couldn’t win.

Pic Credit – Canva

We were given a scary flu,

While the rest of nature grew.

It forced us to stay indoors,

Like animals in a zoo.

Pic Credit : India Today

But such has been our vanity,

It didnt stop the insanity

We attacked frontline workers

Reached new lows in humanity

Pic Credit – Canva

And as the months passed by.

The world began to cry,

We mourned our loss & loneliness.

And no one , was nearby.

Pic Credit : Canva

Then came a time,

We moved our lives online.

We called it The New Normal,

When nothing was really fine.

Pic Credit – Canva

But now the year is ending,

And it’s time to stop pretending.

That the world is going to change,

Without some serious mending.

This was natures way,

Teaching mankind to obey

To live our lives with consciousness,

Like mortals, who will go away.

The year was 2020,

The lessons learnt were plenty.

On treating life more gently,

The year was 2020

Published by @Nameewrites

A dusty town, a tiny house, many stories, countless dreams & years later I began nameewrites. This blog is about the people, places & things that inspire me, baffle me & make me cry. The universe & the human mind intrigue me the most. My dreams could be a Disney movie someday.

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