Poetry is not Dead…Or is it ?

You know who likes to ramble?

Well, I guess that’s me

I sit to write my rhymes 

Whenever I am free

Pic credit : freesvg.org

I write them when I am happy

I write them when I am sad

I write them to express

All the good and the bad

Pic Credit – Pinterest

One such recent event

Woke the poet in me

And I sit to write my rhymes

Now that I am free

Pic Credit : Freepik.com

It was the night after Christmas

When I left my dusty old town

To continue celebrations in Mumbai

Not a reason in life to frown

Pic Credit : Freepik.com

I had plans in my head

For Word Press and ‘The Gram’

Some big vague ideas

Of stories and epigrams

Pic Credit

There was too much on mind

So I turned to my phone

And began recording voice notes

Girl!!! I was in my zone.

Pic Credit : thebeautygypsy.com

Then out of nowhere

Came a sniff and a sneeze

I began talking to my immunity

“Let’s do this another time, please?”

Pic Credit : Freepik.es

But my immunity was adamant

To just have her own way

She befriended the damm flu

He was now, here to stay

Pic Credit : pngtree.com

They both began to hang

While I felt the chill

Threatening them wasnt working

And neither was the pill

Pic : Artwoonz.com

Then came the big night

To wear my party shoes

But my immunity wasn’t listening

And the flu just refused

Pic Credit : http://www.vectorkhazana.com

If this was in the past

I would party like I did

Now I couldn’t take a chance

So f*** you COVID

Pic credit : Artwoonz.com

This couldn’t deter my spirits

So I decided to blog

But I kept staring at my screen

What a major brain fog!!!

Pic Credit : toribodine.com

Now I climbed into my bed

With not much left to do

The new year was not mine

There was no breakthrough

Pic : pngtree.com

And while lying in my bed

I couldn’t even think

No stories to keep me company

No rhymes left to sync

Pic Credit : champangecartel.com

But you know who likes to ramble ?

I guess that would be me

I may have metromania

I wasn’t lying you see

Published by @Nameewrites

A dusty town, a tiny house, many stories, countless dreams & years later I began nameewrites. This blog is about the people, places & things that inspire me, baffle me & make me cry. The universe & the human mind intrigue me the most. My dreams could be a Disney movie someday.

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