If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

If tomorrow starts without me

And I’m not present there

Just search your heart from deep within

My presence will be there.

Pic Credit : 9Jedit

I owe many things to you

Things I cant explain

All the good times we spent together

Like a dream will remain.

Pic credit : Claudia Tremblay Studio

If tomorrow starts without me

And the sun is shining high

It means you have to smile for me

So promise you wont cry.

Pic Credit : Pinterest

I’ve left with you my memories

Recall them for a while

A few might bring tears to you

But many will make you smile.

Pic Credit – Pinterest

I never thought it was possible

To have a friend like you

And believe me pal of all I have

The best I have is you

If tomorrow starts without me

Please do this for a while

Think of how funny I was

Make me your reason to smile

I may have been wrong sometimes

Even though unknowing- ly

If I did something & hurt you bad

I hope you pardon me

If tomorrow starts without me

And till we meet again

Of all the ups and downs you have

Please be the same

Published by @Nameewrites

A dusty town, a tiny house, many stories, countless dreams & years later I began nameewrites. This blog is about the people, places & things that inspire me, baffle me & make me cry. The universe & the human mind intrigue me the most. My dreams could be a Disney movie someday.

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