Who Are You?

The Color Of Your Skin 

The Job You Work

Or The Places You’ve Been?

Pic :joemonster.org

Who Are You?

The People You Know

The Brands You Wear

Or The Followers You Grow?

Pic : The Guardian

Who Are You?

Are You A Name

A Fancy Designation

Or A Business Fame?

Pic : Via pinterest

Who Are You?

The Pounds You Weigh

The Sadness You Hide

Or The Smile You Display?

Pic : Etsy.com

Who Are You?

The Relations You Keep

The Society You Live In

The Validation You Seek?

Pic : The Mind Journal

Who Are You?

The Life You Lived

The Days You Wasted

The Time You Bid?

Pic : Weartgallery.com

Who Are You

And Who Am I

The Universe Itself

Or Souls Passing By?


Published by @Nameewrites

A dusty town, a tiny house, many stories, countless dreams & years later I began nameewrites. This blog is about the people, places & things that inspire me, baffle me & make me cry. The universe & the human mind intrigue me the most. My dreams could be a Disney movie someday.

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