Who Are You? The Color Of Your Skin  The Job You Work Or The Places You’ve Been? Who Are You? The People You Know The Brands You Wear Or The Followers You Grow? Who Are You? Are You A Name A Fancy Designation Or A Business Fame? Who Are You? The Pounds You Weigh TheContinue reading “WHO ARE YOU?”

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

If tomorrow starts without me And I’m not present there Just search your heart from deep within My presence will be there. I owe many things to you Things I cant explain All the good times we spent together Like a dream will remain. If tomorrow starts without me And the sun is shining highContinue reading “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”

The Year was 2020…

The Year was 2020, Happenings were aplenty. Hospitals full & streets were empty The year was 2020… When vast forests were burned We were clearly not concerned. So the universe made a plan, Our life had to be overturned Then nature locked us in, As an atonement to our sin. She had us by theContinue reading “The Year was 2020…”